Mini Shaker

Mini Shaker


Small shaker that fits easily inside your gym bag!!

  • Unique blending ball
  • Total capacity — 400ml
  • Smooth, lump-free shake
  • 100% dishwasher friendly


The Mini Shaker is the perfect substitute for an electric whisk and gives you a smooth shake whatever supplement you’re mixing. It’s a convenient size and is ideal for carrying around in your gym bag at all times. It also has an easy to clean design and is sealable to avoid any dripping.

95 x 160 x 93mm

Suggested Use

Pour desired amount of milk, water or juice using the ml scale etched into the side of the bottle. Add powder then shake. Approximately 5-6 shakes usually makes perfect, clump free drinks.

Please note: Our Shakers and shakers are not designed to transport liquids, their intended use is to mix powders and liquids in to a smooth consistency immediately before consumption.